Private Label Charcoal Cosmetics UK

Private label Charcoal cosmetics made in the UK.

We supply a wide range of private label charcoal cosmetics. From body scrubs and cleansing toners to moisturisers and face masks. Our private label charcoal cosmetics range also includes haircare products. In addition to our private label charcoal products, we also have the UK’s largest range of private label cosmetics.

Charcoal’s soft texture makes it an excellent exfoliator. It also absorbs oils and deep-cleans the skin, making it great for acne treatments and facial scrubs. In haircare, charcoal helps to balance oils , giving hair volume. It’s also a great dandruff and itchy scalp remedy.

With a huge selection of bases, specialist actives and packaging options, Pelham is your ideal private label partner. Create your own private label charcoal cosmetics, contact our sales team today.

Private label charcoal cosmetics uk
UK Private Label Cosmetics Manufacturers
15 reasons why we think we’re the best private label cosmetics manufacturer in the UK.

1000's of formulas available

Low minimum orders

Very competitive pricing

Short lead times

Quality assurance

UK Manufacturer

Design to manufacture service

Step-by-step guidance

Regulatory support

Contract filling service

Custom formula development

Organics and naturals available

Extensive range of packaging

Brand & design service

Marketing support

Please contact us to learn about the accreditations each product holds. The accreditations shown above do not necessarily apply to all of our products.

to get your private label charcoal products off the ground

  • 1

    Choose a product

    Whether you already know what you want, or you need advice, the best place to start is speaking with our sales team. We have thousands of products available for private labelling. So get in touch today.

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    Select packaging

    We stock a huge variety of packaging and can source almost any type of bottle, tube, tub or sachet. We can even customise it for you with coloured caps and lids, frosted or coloured glass and contoured bottles.

  • 3

    Brand your product

    Our branding team produce beautiful packaging that sets your product apart from the competition. Whether it's using your existing logo and writing, or creating a new brand from scratch. We'll work with you to get the perfect result.

  • 4

    Label, fill and deliver

    We'll take care of printing, labelling and filling your products. Then we deliver your finished product either to you or your warehouse. We can even assist in the delivery of goods directly to Amazon or any other distribution warehouse.

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